Will your 3D eBook be available for eSignage or iTV? We are licensing our HD content for use in eSignage and iTV applications. For more info contact: info@krillogy.com

What Popular eBook Reader will your Children's Whale eBooks Support? We will be supporting Kindle eBook Readers: Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire & Kindle eBook Reader Software for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows, PC, Mac & Windows Mobile on Smartphone, Tablets & iTV.

How are you Pricing Childrens Whale eBook Versions? We will price our Storybook eBook at our lowest price point ($3.99) and price Monochrome and Color Image versions according to the added value. Black and White Imagery 3D Children's Whale eBooks will add $3 ($6.99). Color 3D Childnren's Whale eBooks will add $3 ($9.99).

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