We are using leading-edge open source technology to create and encode our newest 3D educational children's whale eBook KRILLIONAIRE, the first 3D Children's Whale eBook Storybook in an Educational eBook Series covering Whales and other Undersea Life. We will be using the latest HTML, XML and Java Technology, including Kindle eBook Readers, Kindle Fire and Platforms that support the Kindle Reader Software, including Android, Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Our Children's Whale eBooks will be initially be available in the Amazon Kindle Store. We will have low-cost ($3.99) Storybook Edition, a medium cost ($6.99) Monochrome Edition for Black & White eBook Readers (Kindles) and a Full Color Edition ($9.99) for Kindle eBook Readers on color devices like Kindle Fire, iPhones, iPads, Mac, Android Phones & Tablets, GoogleTV, Blackberry, Windows, Windows Mobile.

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