There are a several key motivations for us to produce educational 3D Children's Whale eBooks. Primarily, we are deeply concerned about the currently diminishing Whale population in our world's vast oceans caused by selfish human motives. We feel that we can combat this human atrocity through education and 3D artistry in non-aggressive ways, and at the same time enlighten, entertain and educate our youth, their peers and families. A secondary motivation for publishing 3D Children's Whale eBooks is to teach young readers specific cultural morays that we feel are in need of reinforcement in our present world environment. We accomplish this with realistic 3D eBook visuals, compelling storylines and interesting educational facts. We hope you enjoy our first Whale eBook: Krillionaire as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. It's available on Amazon for Kindle eBook Readers, in both color and black and white.

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